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The History

More than a century passed through, since Pietro Molinas established, in Calangianus, his small facility for the cork bark processing. A simple activity, based on the use of few and basic tools, fit to execute all the different steps of the cork production process. This condition, common also to many other craftsmen, has been the starting point that led up to the modern industrial reality. A long path, during which Peppino Molinas plays a key role: in fact, straddling the Second World War, he marked a turning point , transforming a small handicraft facility into an industrial one. He employed the first workers and started the mechanization of a lot of the processing steps.

In the early 80’s of the last century, a new production facility has been opened ,around which the modern industrial complex. At the same time, a strong a dynamic managerial structure, was established not only to manage the many activities related to the cork factory, but also to go ahead an impressive diversification of the various entrepreneurial business of what has become a real industrial group, exclusively made up by members belonging to the Molinas‘ family, now arrived at its fourth generation.

The Group Today

Technology and value of the human resources: this is today the Cork Factory Molinas, which activity is divided into four different working units gathered in an industrial complex having a covered surface of about 50.000 squared meters.

Here, workers with proven experience and professionals skill, helped by a cutting edge technology,work every day to obtain from the cork bark a rich range of products: cork stoppers – almost a billion per year including different grades and typologies, insulating board panels, more and more requested by the green building; components for the footwear industry, wall and floor coverings.

This complex activity, uses and enhances a sustainable raw material; in fact, with the cork bark harvesting doesn’t damage the cork oak tree, besides this, the cork oak stands, that thanks to this activity, earned a remarkable economic value, are now safeguarded from any other activity that could endanger their survival. The raw cork bark, before starting the different processing steps, needs to be carefully selected; skilled employers, trained in the facility, and that know every smallest secret of the cork bark, attend to this basic work, in order to obtain high quality final products.

The laboratory of research and development is the heart of our facility: here new manufacturing processes are developed and the constant and strict application of the rules imposed by the many certifications got by Molinas Cork Factory over the years, daily monitor ed.


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