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Nature is our home, something really precious, and it is around nature that we developed our world. We take care of it every day through an industrial production that has been able to fully integrate with a 100% natural raw material.

We are pleased and proud to present our path, our investments and successes in the field of environmental sustainability to you.

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FSC® Certification

We are really proud to announce that our company has obtained the FSC® Certification. An important and prestigious recognition, which requires the planning and monitoring of numerous activities, which are then inspected and evaluated by an accredited certification body.

In particular, we obtained two types of certification: the Forest Stewardship Council® Certification (FSC®) for Chain of Custody (COC) BV-COC-164758 for Sugherificio Molinas, which guarantees full and detailed traceability of a forest product, and the Forest Management Certification (FM) ICILA-F/COC-004337 for the Limbara ARL Agricultural Society of the Molinas Group, which ensures that the forest is managed in compliance with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.


A virtuous path in which we believe.

In the last three years Molinas Peppino & Figli SPA has invested € 5,662,306.51, of which € 2,264,922.60 comesfrom EAFRD funds, to modernize and rationalize the production plants dedicated to the making of agricultural products.

The investments were part of a project co-financed by sub-measure 4.2 of the PSR 2014/2020 of the Sardinia Region drawn up by Dr. Agr. Tommaso Giannottu. Among the most significant investments there is the construction of a photovoltaic roof, able to reduce the dependence on non-renewable energies by around 20%.

All the company's thermal plants have been updated to reconvert their use from fossil fuels to plant biomass. All the production lines have been strengthened and improved to recover all dust and processing residues. To complete the project, a set of machinery was purchased for the handling of company products.

All these investments have been done to considerably reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere and make our production even more environmentally friendly.