"Sughero di Sardegna": a collaboration with Bottega S.p.A.

In 2021 our company started collaborations and partnerships with some of the major players in the wine world. This has been made to start real projects that speak about territory, innovation, and high quality.

Among the companies to which we are linked, there is Bottega S.p.A., the famous winery based in Treviso with over four centuries of history behind it in the world of wine and grappa.

"Sughero di Sardegna" is an initiative proposed by Bottega S.p.A., with the aim of guaranteeing traceability and certifying the origin and quality of the corks used for bottling, promoting the adoption of sustainable materials and production.

Sandro Bottega, president and administrative director of Bottega S.p.A., declared: "We have been working successfully with the Molinas family for decades and we are proud of what we can do to support the Sardinian economy; on the other hand, our own mother has this origin, precisely from Arborea. But beyond that, Sardinian cork is the best in the world and the way forests are managed is the best you can ask for from a sustainability perspective".

Visit the Bottega S.p.A. website to find out more about the company's sustainable approach.