Sugherificio Molinas lands on TikTok

Sugherificio Molinas lands on TikTok

Creating innovation is a commitment that must be pursued with perseverance and requires the ability to move towards a plurality of different destinations. In addition to the choices made about environmental sustainability and implementation and efficiency of machinery, we have also decided to renew our communication channels, reaching a new segment of the public interested in entertainment on the one hand and information on the other.

So we opened our TikTok account to recount Sugherificio Molinas under a new guise. TikTok, since 2018, is the video platform that has gathered more than a hundred million user base, with increasing popularity year after year and consecrated precisely in the period of the pandemic. The app is very popular with young people (18-24 years), who represent about ⅓ of total users, but the presence of a more adult audience is also growing, demonstrating the fact that not only playful and frivolous content is sought on the platform.

The videos we propose intend to show our business from a new point of view: we want people to be able to discover our work, appreciate the beauty and richness of natural cork and immerse themselves in the complexity of industrial activity with deep familiar and artisan roots.

From noses to cork harvest, from the visual and organoleptic selection of cork to analysis and laboratory tests: these are some of the topics and curiosities we tell with our videos, a communication tool that often turns out to be much more immediate than words, more immersive and fascinating.

TikTok is the latest communication tool that joins our multi-channel offer that includes our website, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts (from August also in French) and newsletters. Keep following us to be always updated on our activities.