FineCorkⓇ, the sustainable, innovative and TCA-free stopper

FineCorkⓇ, the sustainable, innovative and TCA-free stopper

FineCorkⓇ is a new generation technological stopper, made of agglomerated cork microgranulate with the addition of innovative microspheres. Available for both still and sparkling wines, it is part of our line of innovative caps, alongside EasyCorkⓇ, SmartCorkⓇ, TradiPlus, VeloceⓇ and MicroCork.

A perfect synthesis of advanced technology, tradition and enhancement of natural resources, FineCorkⓇ is different from any other stopper because it is subjected to an innovative treatment with a current of steam, developed by our cork factory: the “GenesisⓇ treatment”.

The very fine cork grain, selected from the best raw materials, is totally freed from the substances that give rise to the "cork taint". The treated microgranules are agglomerated to obtain a cap capable of providing maximum performance in each phase of use:

  • it does not release dust or fragments in bottling;
  • guarantees perfect capping and regular uncorking;
  • during its stay in the bottle, it favors the natural and regular microoxygenation of the wine without dripping or rising due to capillarity;
  • preserves and maintains the aromas of each type of wine unaltered.

FineCorkⓇ also respects the environment: its carbon footprint is almost zero thanks to the use, throughout the manufacturing process and production of the cap, of energy obtained from renewable sources, in particular wood chips gotten almost exclusively from works maintenance and forest restoration.

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